For many years, the only way to purchase products through a wholesaler was to have an EIN number from the IRS. Without the EIN, craft artisans were forced to buy supplies at retail costs, making it difficult for them to continue with their craft as a way to earn extra income at flea markets, and craft shows. Technology, through the Internet, allows wholesalers to sell directly to the consumer, and eliminating the middleman (retailer), allowing artisans to purchase their supplies at a reasonable cost.

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Aquamarine is March’s stone – a blue-green gemstone from South America, meaning Water of the Sea. The stone of sailors, believing it protects them. Folklore also says that aquamarine protects against gossip, but will pick up spirits. It is an excellent stone for meditation, bringing great peace and serenity.

Aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, and those legends have it that for aquamarine to be truly powerful, it must be immersed in sea water and bathed in sunlight. The gemstone is also supposed to have powers that reach to land too, helping married couples solve their problems and drive off evil.  Aquamarine is associated with the thymus gland and is very soothing worn as a necklace. It will also help coughs, reduce fluid retention and calm the nerves.

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Gemstone is combination of precious and semi precious stone used for beads jewelry and in

ornamentation. All these gemstones are obtainable in different sizes such as oval, round,

drop, rectangle and now days are making in many fancy shapes and cuts.

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Carnelian Beads are semi precious gemstone beads and available in wide range of sizes and

shapes. Carnelian gemstone beads are used in making fashion jewelry like necklaces, pendants,

bracelets and many more.

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Sapphire gemstone is one of the prominent member of corundum family. Types of sapphire beads

includes two types of sapphires. One is small yellow sapphire popularly known as “Pukhraj” and

other is blue sapphire known as “Neelam”. Even though sapphire is quite expensive its been

widely used. Its attraction, effulgence,and uniqueness makes it totally perfect to get

embedded in jewelery .Beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and fashion accessories

like brooches can be made out of this.

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Carnelian gems are mostly mined from Australia, the United States, Brazil and Russia out of

all the other countries throughout the world. One of the most interesting properties of these

beautiful gemstones is that the bigger the bead the clearer it would be and the smaller the

bead the translucent it is.
The most popular and expensive type of carnelian beads is the handcrafted kind because of its

exquisite and fine nature. While carving these beads extreme care and caution are taken in order to maintain

the quality and texture of the gemstone.

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Amethyst bead is one of the worlds most popular gemstones. Amethyst is classified semi precious gems bead.
Amethyst gemstone beads mostly come in opaque to transparent light lavender to deep purple. It's the
irthstone for the month of February.People know that amethyst semi-precious gemstones can assist with
healing alcoholism, obsessive behaviors, and addictions of all kinds. An amethyst stone brings stability, peace, calm, and balance. J-beads supply a whole collection of wholesale amethyst beads jewelry. Browse the
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Tourmaline beads were named for the Singhalese word, touramali, which means mixed colored stones. In fact, tourmaline, which can be found in every color of the rainbow, has the widest range of colors of all gemstones.

Tourmaline of high quality is cut into gems, while the lesser quality material is tumbled and made into beads.

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Crystal is a kind of specialness gemstone, and it could be

divided into several different types depend on the variety

 colors, such as rock crystal, citrine, amethyst, etc.

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Its beauty, its magnificent colours, its transparency, but also its constancy and durability are qualities associated with this gemstone by gemstone lovers and specialists alike.
The Sapphire Gemstone members of which are characterised by their excellent hardness Indeed their hardness is exceeded only by that of the diamond – and the diamond is the hardest mineral on Earth!

Thanks to that hardness, sapphires are easy to look after, requiring no more than the usual care on the part of the wearer.

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Gemstone beads are precious beads  or semi precious
beads which are used for making jewelry. Gemstone beads can be natural as well as manmade. Natural gemstones are very beautiful and are sought by collectors of precious beads. Genuine gemstones are unique that means no two pieces of gemstones can be alike.

 These precious Indian beads are available in different shapes and sizes. The price rates of these beads depend
 on color, weight & clarity. Gemstones have been used for many years for making beads and have been used by people belonging to different culture as jewelry. These gemstones also have religious and spiritual significance.

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Lapis Lazuli is gemstone likened to the fairy tales of the

 Arabian Nights.  It's  deepest blue with golden shining

Pyrite inclusions twinkle like little stars in the midnight

heaven. Lapis Lazuli has been a highly valued stone for

many thousands of years. Lapis Lazuli is known for its

blue colour. The first part of the name is the Latin Lapis,

meaning stone. The word "lazuli" comes from the

Persian/Arabic lazhward or blue (as in "azure"). Together the name

means "blue stone" or stone of azure.

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