Anyone who has that little bit of flair for wearing something different should certainly be interested in the Sundance catalog which is full of designer jewelry. The pieces stand out as being unique and are made from many different types of materials which would not normally be associated with trinkets of any kind. Indeed, it is these materials which make the pieces look so different.

Of course, there will always be a market for the mass-produced pieces which are seen all over the place in malls and shops worldwide. However, these necklaces and bracelets are so unusual that they often grace the catwalks in famous fashion houses around the world.

This could certainly not be said of the ubiquitous tennis bracelet, or the hugs and kisses designs, that were so popular in the last couple of years. Indeed, so outstanding are these pieces that the fashion houses sometimes pick them out first and then make an outfit to match it.

The form and shape of some of the pieces actually inspire the fashion executive to make something which showcases it rather than the other way around.
For those who have started to enjoy jewellery design, the next step is to create some of your own beads. To do this you will need a few tools to get started as well as a bit of flair to be creative!

If you already design your own jewellery then the chances are you have an idea of the kind of beads you want and already have the creative part down. The tools are not that difficult to come by, especially if you are just planning to make beads on a small scale.

When you begin making beads, it is probably a good idea to start off with the least expensive tools you can find. You may eventually find that you do not enjoy making beads anymore or you may find it to be too difficult. If you don't make a huge investment, you can give it a try without worrying about the financial outlay.

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