If you are looking for semi precious beads to use in your jewelry and other beading projects, India is the best place for getting gemstone beads. With the increasing popularity of these beads in recent years, the selection and variety has increased while at the same time prices have come down due to more competition among Semi Precious Beads.

The most suitable medium of finding your desired semi precious beads is online shopping. Using internet you can view all the products, range and prices. Then you can decide which website is the most suitable and affordable for you. J-beads.com comes in one of the best websites which fulfill your jewelry needs.

J-beads is recognized as the leading Indian specialist mail-order supplier of all kind of Semi-Precious Beads and Precious beads. We produce superior quality of Ruby, Sapphire Crystal, Tourmaline Garnet, Tanzanite and many more stones with varied shapes; tube, oval, roundels, round, coin and nuggets in all the sizes. There are many beads and shapes available.

We are Excelling in the design & fabrication of gemstones, we produce superior quality of Gemstones Beads, Layouts, Gemstone Briolette Beads, Gemstone Bead Strands, Chips, Oval Beads, Buttons, Roundels, Wheels, Tube, Coins and nuggets in varied shapes & sizes in all the Gem Stones.


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